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Crane truck lifting and general haulage services for Sydney Metro & Greater Sydney.


Carrying and lifting loads

up to

8m long

on flat tray

up to

3.6 tonnes

(to 4.4m)

up to

12.3m high

(max 1.1 tonne)

Whether commercial, industrial, domestic or the building industry our Crane Truck is ideal for Building Materials, Air Conditioning Equipment, Site Sheds, Over Dimensional Loads, Spa Pools, Pallets, Structural Steel and Machinery.


Our truck can carry up to 8m in length flat on the tray. Our crane can manage lifts of up to 3.6 tonnes at 4.4m or 1.1 tonnes at 12.3m. 

We've also got a spreader bar available for wide lifts.


Located in Botany near Sydney airport. We service Sydney Metro and greater Sydney areas. We can also service freight forwarders and customs brokers.

truck pic_edited.jpg

We are fully licensed and insured, with public liability and highly experienced and dedicated to providing a quality and efficient service for our customers

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What is a Crane Truck?

Otherwise known as a hiab, it is a crane that is mounted on a heavy truck chassis. Crane Trucks (or hiabs) are great for loading and unloading freight, and really useful in the construction industry. A great alternative to having a crane on a work site, crane trucks take little to no time to set up, lifting loads like a normal crane, but with the added bonus of being able to transport the load too. 

At Sydney Connect Crane & Truck Hire, we can move just about anything! We’ve moved CNC machines, boats and building supplies, industrial generators and site sheds to water tanks, stairwells and beams, and plenty in-between.


Botany, Sydney, NSW

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