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Freqently asked questions FAQ's

How to move very heavy objects

The most efficient way to move very heavy objects is to hire a Crane truck, also known as a HIAB from Sydney Connect Crane & Truck hire.

The reason this method is so efficient is the truck has a highly versatile crane on board, so with a skilled operator can lift a multitude of heavy items and place them on and off the truck into very difficult locations. 

For example, our Crane truck can lift to heights of 8 metres.

Can anyone hire a Crane Truck HIAB?

Yes, our driver is highly experienced and will best advise the safest and most efficient way to lift, place and transport heavy items.

Which areas does Sydney Connect Crane & Truck hire operate?

We operate across the Sydney Metropolitan area, occasionaly we have gone further out for specific clients, best to contact us if you need services outside Sydney Metro areas.

How high can you Crane truck lift, and at what load?

Our Crane truck HIAB can lift up to 3.6 tonnes to a height of 4.4 metres, and 1.1 tonnes up to a height of 12.3 metres.

How fast can you get here?

We have operated 24hrs for some customers, typicaly we need to book in jobs as we are always in demand. Best to contact us as soon as you have a desired date and time. If you have an urgent request, we suggest you call us directly on 

0488 808 555

What's the maximum load rating of your Truck?

We can carry up to 8.8 tonnes and up to length of 8 metres on the deck, as well as up to 10 metres of beams or poles sitting over the headboard.

Are you reliable?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being a trusted reliable operator, saving our customers time and money by being there on time. We have been in business for well over 6 years and run a modern meticulously maintained Crane Truck.

What is the best way to move a lathe, machine, heavy equipment?

It's very hard to beat the ease, safety and efficiency of a Crane Truck HIAB for moving large heavy objects and placing them into the desired position. This saves a lot of time, energy and risk over other methods.

Is a Crane Truck Hiab safe?

Yes, in fact, using a Crane Truck is a lot safer than many other methods we occasionally see in the field. Our experienced driver is also holds a C6 License from SafeWork NSW, so he can lift, load and place extremely heavy objects in perfect position without risk.

Can we hire the Crane Truck Hiab and use it ourselves?

No, this is very specialised equipment, and an untrained operator can do untold damage; we are cost-effective, so our driver can advise and keep you and your equipment safe; it really is the best solution.

Are you insured?

Yes, we work for large Government departments and many industries, so we have all the required insurance. Be careful of hiring operators without the required insurance; you could be liable for any damage they cause.


Mascot, Sydney, NSW

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